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Got back from Holland on Saturday after a very good and relaxing time in Amsterdam and Dalfsen. [profile] graceunplugged is still out there for the second week of the conference but I'm back at work today (although I may get more sleep here since they had breakfast starting at 07.30 each day. Needless to say, I never made it to breakfast). Pictures (and more details) wll be forthcoming once the films are developed.

Books read while away were, Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs, which is a good whodunnit (and a bit of a whatdidtheydo, since you don't find out the full crime till the end), but definitly a non-taxing one, spot-on  for a holiday read. Then, read on the way home we have Bosshardt: A Biography by Jean Watson (can't find a decent link to illustrate this one) which is a brilliant biography of the missionary Alfred Bosshardt in china in the '20s and '30s who was held hostage by the Red Army for a year and a half and forced to take part in the Long March. I'll give more on this one when I finish it (I'm about 2/3rd's through so far)

Quick news update, this is sad news but was ultimately always going to happen at some point. This is more amusing though even if slightly cruel. The part that amuses me most is that  no-one has taken them back, how long before they turn up on E-bay?


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