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It's a quite night in the Blood Service and so I've been grazing the internet for inspiration to write from (probably not the best place but still) and found this instead.

Manga made real

It's a very disturbing set of pictures, but some of the really good ones are scarily authentic looking. I think my favourite is this one. not sure why but it just clicks with me. It did amuse me as well, thinking that this is what the human race would wind up looking like if we ever did interbreed with the alien grays.

Battlestar Galactica and tv musing )

Well, I guess I had better get back to doing something for my pittance of pay. Wonder what's on tv?

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Another long gap between posts. I thought I'd managed to get into the habit of updating much more regularly than this but ho hum . . .

Firstly, a news update.
    Last week [ profile] graceunplugged and I were formally accepted into membership at Hoole Baptist Church, where we've been going for the last year or so. I really don't like talking in front of people and for this we had to give a little introduction to ourselves before the whole congregation, not fun but not as bad as I'd feared. I havn't come from a church background that includes membership of the church as something extra, to my mind it always was 'if you come to the church, then your a member', so this is something a bit new to my way of thinking.

    Next, birthday goodies! I finally decided what to get with my birthday money, yes it has taken me ages to decide but there's just so much I'd like and so little money ;) I finally put in my shipping order to and got for myself


Battlestar Galactica - the mini series,
Battlestar Galactica - Series One (can you see a trend here) and
3) X-Men 2 (2 disk edition)

    I haven't managed to watch any of them yet, too much overtime last week, but hopefully soon. We also used up some christmas vouchers on saturday getting Spiderman 2 at an incredibly low price, so I have much sci-fi/comic book goodness ahead of me.

    Thinking of things sci-fi. I'm really enjoying 'Threshold' on Sky at the moment. The stories seem to be uping the ante each week and every little victory uncovers a darker threat. The  'they are among us' vibe get's a bit overplayed in the ad's and opening credits but doesn't overpower the episodes in a 'red's under the beds' kind of way. I't a shame that it's been cancelled mid-season but thems the breaks.
    Also on the goggle box, House is back on Channel 5! Watched the first episode over the weekend and it was just as good as ever. BBC2's Hyperdrive improved in it's second episode but then considering the first was really, really bad then thats not too hard. I'll watch the 3rd but unless there is a great improvement . . . Jonathan Ross's Asian Invasion is rapidly filling up my Sky + box with films I want to watch but I know I'm never going to get the chance.

There is just far too much to watch on tv at the moment, I need some time for a real life beyond work and tv, don't I?

And finally . . .

    Some quick links.

Curious co-habitation at the zoo

and something that sounds interesting

January 27th is the Second Annual

LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day!

Because we can pretend that the world makes sense the other 364 days of the year.

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This looks like the kind of programme I need to see:

Kermit and Miss Piggy in search for Muppet Idol

MOVE over Simon Cowell. Miss Piggy will be chief judge on the ultimate TV reality show, in which viewers will choose a new Muppet to join a revival of the comic troupe.

Twenty-five years after the puppets retired from television, Kermit will introduce a selection of Muppet hopefuls who will compete to join the wacky cast in a new series.

For the full story look here. I really hope that this makes it to the UK.

This I saw in Andy's blog (thanks Andy) and have found very amusing.

But on  sadder note, [ profile] iharthdarth has decided to call it a day. A great shame but the comics she produced where wonderfully done, incredibly cute and brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.[profile]


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