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Because I need to break the inertia that has become my blogging life and post something, anything, here is a meme pinched from [personal profile] docbrite who's latest book, Antediluvian Tales , should be arriving on my doorstep any day now. Admittedly, it will have to go on the 'to be read' pile, but it will be going to the top of said pile. But still on to the meme . . .

Not too many amusing coincidences, although answer 16 is a bit worrying (and I have to admit, a bit funny).

Since I'm typing already, I'll continue.

Since I manages to forget to mention this last post, I'll mention it now. Seeing Crowded house in the  Birmingham Arena at the start of December has to have been one of the highlights of last year, they were incredible!

Christmas was not too bad a time, in spite of working both Christmas day and Boxing Day. My nan was well enough (just about) to come out of hospital to spend the day with us, which hadn't been expected. We all had a good feed, courtesy of my mum and dad, and many presents were handed out, so I was well pleased ;)

New Year was spent with Anna's family down in Suffolk. The edited highlights include the evil delight gained by pipping an in-law to the finish line of Mariocart on 3 wireless DS's, seeing 'I Am Legend' with Jesse while Anna and her sister watched Enchanted in the next screen, seeing wild deer while walking (and being walked by) Lexies donkey's, getting woken by Chipmunk Surround Sound far too early in the morning, watching us all try to play bowling on the Wii.

All in all, a good fun time.


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