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. . . but then it is an internet quiz and so it must be true ;)

Have to go get tea on soon but first a quick link to a new webcomic I started reading last weekend called Gunnerkrigg Court. It's very Harry Potter in it's set up with the exception of the main character being female, but it doesn't really suffer for that. J.K.Rowling borrowed from all over the place for her and it's not as though 'orphan child of power with a great destiny' is an original concept anyway.
That aside I'm enjoying the way the story is progressing with the occasional plot point reveal and character development amidst the  general storyline.  The art work is good with a simple style of clean lines and strong colours (I say simple, in that it's not going for a realistic look rather than it being basic because it's far better than I could ever dream of doing). the characters have something of a manga look to them but not so much that it's overdone. The overall style reminds me of one of the artists who worked on Neil Gaimans Sandman comics but of course I can't figure out which one. Should I work it out (I may have to mine Wikipedia for the answer) I'll post it here, although that would probably by for my benefit rather than yours as I guess you're not overly worried about it, are you dear reader ;)

Anyway, go take a look at Gunnerkrigg Court, it's good.


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Here's a couple more webcomics to amuse you (and to add to my ever growing  list of things I need t check each tine I go online)

Firstly, Bunny, which swings between just plain cute and somewhat surreal but who has recently surrendered to . . .

xkcd, which describes itself as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. Some of this goes straight over my head (usually the math bits) but mostly it is just very, very good (caution, it also contains occasional swearing and sexual references).

Next up is Girls with Slingshots, found through a link from The Devils Panties, which is a 'slice of life' comic about friends Jamie, Hazel and their talking cactus, McPedro  (again, a little warning for content on both those).

And finally, not a new comic but one that just seems to be getting better and better at the moment, Scary-go-round. This has been my must read for the last couple of months to the extent of finding a pc while on holiday in Amsterdam purely to check up on what was happening


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