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So then, what have I been up to since I was last here?

Well, I went to Dublin to see Amanda Palmer performing at the Sugar Club on 16/02/09 which was incredible. Standing in the queue beforehand I was almost having second thoughts since when I looked up and down the line I was pretty much a decade older than anyone else waiting to go in. I don't often feel my age (in my head I'll always be 14) but this was one of those moments. The club is only a small venue with rows of tables and and fixed chairs running down an incline to the stage so the fact you had several hundred people packed in like sardines added to the atmosphere (and the heat). I can't really describe the concert (these guys can though) except to say that I loved it and to show you a couple of selected clips (caution, may contain swearing), here, here, and here. That last one was her encore and was just wonderful.
So that was the 16th and than on the 17th Amanda was doing a signing at Chapters Bookstore in Dublin which is massive and has the best graphic novel section I've ever seen in a mainstream bookshop. But not only her, the signing was with Neil Gaiman as well. Nominally it was for their book 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer' (which is still awaiting publishing, I think) but was a combination of readings from the book by Neil and songs on the ukelele from Amanda finishing off with a signing for all the people there (500+ by official estimates). For more details, pictures and video footage of the event go here, as they've been much more complete than I could ever be.
All told it was a really good weekend and a treat I felt in need of having worked much too many hours over christmas and new year (and am still working now although an end is in sight).

Now I had planned to mention other stuff in catch up but it's late and I want to try and get some sleep before I'm back in work tomorrow later today.

Anyway here is the thing that got me to begin this post in the first place, a Meme from [personal profile] trixie_chick 

people who have been tagged must write their answers in their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question
tag 8 people, don't refuse to do that, don't tag the one who tagged you

1 What are you listening to right now?
All Day and All Of the Night by the Kinks

2 How do you style your hair?
It's kept short now since last years big cut although I do seem to have developed a pair of lambchop sideburns, somehow.

3 What are you wearing right now?
Jeans and shirt

4 What are you currently reading?
Jules Vernes 'Journey to the centre of the Earth'

5 Dumbest thing you've done this week?
not set my alarm yesterday and then not wake up till 11.40

6 Have you named your computer? If so what's its name?
HAL, I'm a sci-fi nerd so what did you expect?

7 Theme song playing in the background as you die?
Monty Pythons 'Always look on the bright side of Life'

8 What have you ever wanted to do in your life but never had the guts to do it?
try and make a career from photography

9 What is your all time favorite movie?
This is liable to change on any given day but for today it's going to be Akira Kurosawa's 'Seven Samurai'

10 What is your weirdest habit?
probably the one I don't realise I'm doing

11 What is your favorite color?

12 How much money do you think you are worth?
priceless but if I got a pricelist from work I could probably give you a breakdown for salvage

13 What's the weirdest thing you say in RL?
most of it, I don't do conversations well

14 Which languages do you wish you spoke fluently?
welsh, to keep in better contact with mums side of the family

15 What is your biggest pet peeve?
people that turn and walk away from me while they are talking to me

16 What's your ideal weapon?
Klingon bat'leth or samurai sword

17 Who was your childhood idol?
Didn't really have many but Monkey from the tv show of the same name might come close

18 Funniest movie quote you've ever heard?
From Serenity:

The Operative
: That girl will rain destruction down on you and your ship. She is an albatross, Captain.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Way I remember it, albatross was a ship's good luck, 'til some idiot killed it.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: [to Inara] Yes, I've read a poem. Try not to faint.

19 If you were in a band, what kind of music would you play and what instrument would you want to play?
If I were in a band I'd probably be the roadie as I have the ability to play even a triangle out of tune so there is no way I'd be let near real instruments

20 Tell me something you love about the person who tagged you.
She waves her geek flag high and proud (and she's a generally cool and caring person who sends wonderful christmas cards)

Maybe more posts coming, or I may pull the plug on this LJ completely since Facebook seems to have taken over by din't of not having to write whole paragraphs there. Either way, notification will be made. Till then, lets be carefull out there.

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Just a quick update to bring you the news, David Tennant is quitting as Doctor Who after 2009's series of specials.

Interview on BBC website

I have to say I've always prefered Christopher Ecclestones Doctor to Tennants but he has grown on me over the last couple of years. The speculation will now begin as to who is going to succeed him. I don't have any candidates yet just so long as it's not Russell Brand.

In other news, I'm still trundling my way through my India pictures and will get around to posting a visit report eventually. Also, last night I went to Manchester to hear Neil Gaiman reading from his new book. 'The Graveyard Book' and in the Q & A afterwards he revealed his next book project is a non-fiction travel book retracing the journey through China of Tripitaka, Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy from 'Journey to the West' (having just done a quick Wikipedia search for link, I've discovered the monks name wasn't Tripitaka but that was a title he's sometimes referred to as. Since my main frame of reference is the Monkey tv series then for now the monk will remain Tripitaka otherwise I'll just get very confused)

Just to finish with, here's one of my India pictures for you. It's a panorama made from 3 merged pictures taken at Golconda Fort near Hyderabad. It's my first go at taking pictures to be merged and in future I will be more careful ;)

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Neil Gaiman has posted a link to a podcast of one of his readings from the 'Anansi Boys 'tour. I saw him in Manchester on the tour and had a great evening, listening to him read and answer a wide variety of questions (although this podcast suggests to me that a lot of questions get repeated for him, since some of them are are almost word for word the same as some in Manchester). It's about a 60Mb download, and runs for about 60 minutes but really is worth it, even if you would just like to know who was cast for the 'Good Omens' film the first time Terry Gilliam tried to make it.
    Please, just go and listen to it there are far too many funny bits that I want to put in here but they really deserve Neil's dry delivery to give the full effect.

    There are a couple of theatrical productions coming our way in the next few months. In February, the Royal Shakespeare Company are coming to Ellesmere Port with a production of Chaucers 'The Canterbury Tales'. It's going to be split over two nights, so it'll be a long one but it's something Anna and I have fancied reading/seeing for some time so it may be worthwhile. It's just going to be a matter of cost (and if I'm working).
    Then in May there is The Reduced Shakespeare Company doing their new show 'Complete Hollywood (Abridged)' at the Chester Gateway. This show I will not be missing! Come hell or high water I will see this show!
    So far I've seen their Complete works of Shakespeare (Abridged) (including Hamlet in 30 seconds), The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) and All the Great Books (Abridged) and they are all hysterical. My personal favourite is 'All the Great Books', I had tears running down my face for most of the production. I think Anna was enjoying watching me almost as much as she was enjoying watching the production. The only (older) production I've yet to see is The Complete History of America, but someday I will see it.

I was going to comment on last nights story as well, but I think that can wait till I've re-read it. I'm really not sure it's going to be as good as I hoped it was last night, but I'll read it again before I decide.
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This caught my attention and since I've just watched 'The Matrix' again it seemed kind of appropriate.


SF meme )

Interesting to see how many of the (so-called) influential films I've seen and of them, how many I'd still lilke to own. but then I always was greedy ;>

On to home news, Anna and I are about to be offered the (red?) right hand of friendship at church as we have been accepted into membership.

Hmm, guess this means I'm about to become a Baptist! So far in my christian lilfe I've been non-denominational, with my church's being of an independant nature. Not that it really makes any difference but it feels a little . . . odd? Really not sure why though and it's definitly not in a bad way. I guess it's not something I'd ever really given a great deal of thought to.

Finished Neil Gaimans 'Anansi Boys' last night and have to say . . . Anansi boys review )

Now I've finished 'Anansi Boys' though, I really, really want to tell stories again. I just havn't had an original idea since about sometime in '97 and it was even longer ago that I sat down and told a group of kids a story (the best time I had doing that was telling watered down Sandman stories at a bible week in Scotland. Me and the kids had a blast). I am going to have to do something about this, I'm just not sure what? (Suggestions on a post card to . . .)

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This has been a busy week.

Thursday I travelled into Manchester for a reading and signing from Neil Gaiman.

    Signing details )

Yesterday, liverpool )

An finally today . . .Friends )

BTW, hope you like the new icons. Whole seconds of preparation of them ;>


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