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Originally posted by [ profile] peck25 at DITL 12/07/12

It was the first time in ages I actually managed to remember it was a DITL day and my camera at the same time. 

I'm never sure what to put in this but just in case: Warnings for hairy legs, cooked meat and bagged blood

Not an early morning today but early enough. So try to use the shower to wake me up.

Be warned though, I'm not pretty in the mornings.

Out of the shower and the steam reveals (just about on the photo) little messages between me and my wife :)

Quickly get dressed but I'm running a little late so got to rush.

Looking out the back window it looks like it's going to be a nice day. Makes a change since we seem to be having one of the wettest summers in a long time.

Into the car for the morning commute accompanied by Radio 4 (news and current affairs for us old folks).

And here we are in good time.

It's a busy morning, so not too much opportunity to take pictures but I catch a couple.

And then it's break time, so to the canteen.

 . . . is what I could have had.

 . . . is what I actually had since I'm trying to cut down.

So back to the grindstone and the busy morning continues until it's time for lunch.

Firstly nipping out for a quick bit of shopping.

 . . . and as this doesn't take as long as I'd feared, time for a walk.

Work is on the other side of those trees so lets head the other way.

That's the River Mersey and beyond that the Wirral.

I follow a path down to the shore to find that the tide is out and taken most of the river with it.

Back at the car and I need to get back to work. It's a busy afternoon but I run across this unit amid the hundreds we store . . .

 . . . which just happens to be the unit I donated last week.
I give on a fairly regular basis but I don't usually get to see them once they're at this point in the chain since all the units around here are processed in Manchester Blood centre and could go to either Manchester, Lancaster or Liverpool for supplying on to our hospitals.
Soon enough though it's the end of the day (as I said, busy, so no more pics unfortunately) so it's time to head home.

Once I'm home though it's time to open up todays shopping.

Sorry it's not desperately exciting but it is necessary if I want to be able to figure if I am actually losing weight or just fooling myself.
Next in the process of  losing weight and getting fitter though comes the exercise, so . . .

 . . . it's off out for a quick ride. Part of which is on the greenway (a converted unused railway line) which has occasional wood statues.

Once I'm home and it's time to feed the birds.

Retreat to a safe distance and see who arrives.

In a slightly sad fashion we've kept a track of which birds have visited the garden and how many at any one time.

We've also listed which Shakespeare plays we've seen done, in an attempt to have seen them all someday.
Back to the bike ride for a moment though, wearing the helmet head scarf underneath tends to make my hair a little bit fluffy.

After this not many pictures where taken except of tea . . .

 . . . undoing all my good work but it's pizza and was a lot more appetising that the picture makes it look now.

Followed by a 'How I met your Mother' marathon, as we've only recently started watching it and thanks to the wonder of multi-channel tv are currently watching series 3, 6 and 7 at the same time. I think this is adding to my enjoyment though as it makes it a kind of post modern show where they've messed with the time line (in the same way as Pulp Fiction does) and so we see the jigsaw pieces falling into place and get to go "Ah, so that's how it comes about!".

And that was it. No more photos that evening and we went to bed ready to do it all (or at least mostly) again tomorrow.

Date: 2012-07-18 07:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

nice job! ^_^ for some reason, the "do not walk under barrier" sign reallllllly cracked me up. i'm hoping there's also a sign before that saying "do no walk around barrier." "please do not exploit the flaw in our system!"

coming across your own bag of blood... that's so awesome. and creepy!

good luck with the biking and losing weight!! it's tough, but biking is a great way to exercise. (try not to fall off. =X i feel the need to say that since my brothers have become blase about broken ribs with the number of accidents they have, sighs.)

Date: 2012-07-22 02:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks Trixie, glad you enjoyed it. I always think I should try and limbo under the barrier just to see if anyone comes to tell me off.
Thankfully I haven't come off my bike yet (although I'm sure I will at some point, overconfidence will be my enemy) but I can't imagine actually becoming blasé about broken ribs though, you've got hardcore brothers :)


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