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A pretty regular day, some work, some rest and some play.

This is the big downside to shift work, early starts. I am so not a morning person.

Time to become as fresh as a daisy and hopefully a bit more awake.

OK, so not much more awake.

We've finally managed to get my Nains (welsh for nan/grandmother) hallstand moved down from my parents house. I inherited it years ago and it's good to finally have it here.

Pack the bag for work.

I'm badly overdue a haircut so I have to make sure my hair isn't still fluffy before I head out.

Half hour from bed to door, not too shabby.

Still dark out.

Arrive at work about 35 minutes later. Security guard came out just after this to see who was the nutter taking pictures this early in the morning.

A bit deserted this time of day.

Seven o'clock, so time to get started.

One of our drivers is a bit confused when I ask him to say "Cheese".

P is equally baffled at what I'm up to, when he comes in at eight. But we soon have the morning runs ready to go and so . . .

 . . . time to put the kettle on :)

As the morning goes on, more members of staff start their shifts. V and E here are definitely part of the more glamorous side of the department.

As is our heroic driver #2, here to do an ad-hoc delivery to a hospital.

The morning gets busy and it's soon twelve o'clock and time to go.

I'm not heading home just yet though. I've got my dads and brother-in-laws birthdays coming up this month so I'm taking the train into the centre of town for some shopping.

Inside the station I bump into this guy. there is a statue in Liverpool called the Super Lamb Banana and a couple of years ago they created over a hundred differently painted mini versions and hid them around the city. Lots of people had a lot of fun tracking them down, it was a great idea.

The train soon arrives and we're off.

Arriving in Lime Street Station, we're met by a local comedian (left) and a Member of Parliament (right)

First thing you see coming out of Lime Street is St. Georges Hall. Pretty impressive. That dark cloud up to the left of the Hall, not so impressive. In about 3 minutes, the heavens are going to open.

Fortunately, one of my favourite shops is close by and I get inside before I get too wet.

Unfortunately, neither my dad or B-i-L are big comic book fans so after a quick browse and being very restrained in not buying anything I check that the weather has improved and head out to continue present foraging.

St. Johns Beacon used to be a rotating restaurant but is now home to the local independent radio station.

I tipped both sets of buskers for the photo, it was only fair. The band weren't bad either.

Since I was passing close by I had to take a little detour to say hi to Eleanor.

This is my destination as my B-i-L is part of the blue half of the city. The reason, I've been told, for the name of the shop being Everton Two (rather than just say The Everton Team store) is because it's in the new shopping centre Liverpool One. Which would make the address Everton 2 Liverpool 1. Talk about rivalry!

The present search is still fruitless though but I have something more pressing on my mind now.

Flashiest bathrooms I've been in in some time.

On to the next necessity.

Donuts we're purchased but not really enjoyed, far to soggy. It's my own fault for going for the unhealthy option, I should have got a banana from the fruit stand next door. There is a bit more present hunting but to little effect and so I head back towards Lime Street.

This Lewis's department store has closed now with a new one opening in Liverpool One but the statue over the doorway is still well known. Officially it's called 'Liverpool Resurgent' but locally he's known as Dickie Lewis.

Now which train will take me back to South Parkway?

Back in the car for the drive home and the weather is closing in.

Home and the weather has gotten worse, so it's indoor tasks like clearing up last nights dishes and a couple of days worth of glasses.

Thats better.

Two glasses because Anna has got home from her work trip and so we can catch up on each others news from the last couple of days over some tv.

Have time for a little internet before bed though.

Having cleaned my teeth, I sink them into a good book and finally turn the light off just before midnight.

Night all.

Date: 2011-11-03 04:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.

Date: 2011-11-07 10:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks, glad you like it.


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