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Hi All, here's my second attempt at a Day in the Life. Hope you enjoy it.

I'm off work this week so Anna has gone off to work by the time I come round enough to get up.

First order of business is to start up the computer, as well as checking the usual webcomics there is work to be done later.

While that starts up (it's old and takes at least 5 minutes before it's ready to do anything in the morning, I can sympathise though) I head downstairs to see what just got put through the letterbox. Unfortunately, it's nothing interesting just a charity collection bag.

Alas the fairies did not come in the night to do dishes from yesterday so I get to do them later, sometime after breakfast anyway.

It must be something about DITL but I hardly ever eat breakfast and yet on my only DITL days, there is breakfast. Weird.

Put on the news while I'm eating. More speculation about the shootings in Norway and reports on the vigils for the dead. Sad times.

just have a quick look here.

Remembering I have an appointment at 10:00, I head for the shower (rushing yet still able to find time to set up the tripod and set the timer on the camera, for I am the pink blob behind the shower curtain! Norman Bates mother was never this scary) .

Now, is it safe to walk in-front of the camera yet? Oh drat!

After a quick dressing and a short walk later, I'm just on time for my appointment. A long overdue haircut (see previous photo for evidence)


After (and a very bemused barber)

Back home, on what is shaping up to be a nice day.

My job for the morning is to edit through all the pictures I took yesterday for the Engage 2011 mission so I can give them a disk this afternoon of usable pictures for the website and other publicity stuff. Engage 2011 consists of about 100 teenagers and youth leaders from 10 churches in Chester. The youth teams are involved in running events like free kids puppet shows, free car washing service, handing out drinks to local shop workers and street evangelism. I've taken photo's for them since 2006 although I've missed the last 2 years through work and travel, it's great fun and the teams get a laugh seeing themselves projected up on the screen at the end of the day.

Ok, editing done and it's off to Engage. Just grab my gear and we're off.

I have a quick errand to run first. Park up and am a bit surprised to see no one on the tennis courts but then realise they are far too sensible to be out playing now, it's roasting!

Quick trip into the doctors to drop of a repeat prescription and we're back on our way again.

There's my destination, the tall pointy building on the end.

After the teams disperse to their projects for the afternoon, I walk into town to get some pictures of the street teams.

This subway goes under the fountain roundabout in the previous picture. The artwork was done a couple of years ago by teams on Engage then and they've survived pretty well.

Entering the city centre you have to go through the city walls. Chester as a city goes back to Roman times but I think the walls just date to Medieval times (really should have checked that).

The Town Hall

The Cathedral (although I have to admit, not it's best angle. I'll try and remedy that next time)

Lots of pictures taken but here's just one.

Heading back out of the centre, we pass a City Tour Bus. The open top is great today but I doubt here's many want to sit up there in the rain.

Back in the car and we're off to visit the team in a local village just outside the city.

This team is working on a practical project. The footpath had become overgrown, so much so that previously people could only walk here in single file. The various teams jobs over the 3 days was to clear as much of the weeds and brambles as they could to make the footpath more inviting. Not a bad job so far.

Back into town and enjoying the good weather and a nice drive in the country.

(Not pictured  - a very quick tea, more photo editing so there are pictures for tonights meeting to show, a quick hi and bye to my wife as she comes in and I go out again. She and a friend are ordering pizza as I leave them to a girly evening)

All the teams have made up their own chants and tonight the leaders aren't going to be left out. So Purple Team takes the mic (I also have a purple t-shirt but fortunately I'm not called on to join in. Looking at it again, honest, those shirts are purple).

Martin's the speaker for the week and gives a good talk although his visual example of what makes a good foundation nearly runs into trouble when the Lego tower being built on the jelly overtakes the one being built on a rock :)

Back home to more late night photo editing (I want to try and get ahead for the morning), with the occasional break to set up my Fantasy Football team for the work league and then later still to bed. Goodnight.
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